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written by: MZ CLARKE




I awoke as a new constellation of cloned drones
spilling out from each other as fireflies ignited by cosmic light
beyond a mere monster machine zombie or former human
I attempted to stand up and rose crashing through the roof of Mister Seymore's house
my sleepy drone eyes blinking and yawning at the sun
I was as tall as the tallest building in Lataham
that was the hospital my sister - Teri worked in
and without time to adjust to the creature I had become
I heard her scream a bloody siren spinning through the air
I stumbled as I learned to walk this earth yet again
Being a monster could no longer be my little secret
one step quaked the town and all of its members
the people I grew up with ran in fear
as I knew how Godzilla and King Kong must feel

Luckily it only took two giant steps to reach the hospital
my drones checked each window for a sign of Teri
then I looked up and saw a swarm of Ghazalians, an evil barbaric cannibal culture flying away
holding Teri in their chains - the same chains that held Zeke, Oah's grandson

With a newfound strength I willed my drones to lift and fly after the Ghazalians
Lifting up between this world and the next
Through Soul's Limbo - desperate souls tugged at my drones pleading
"take me back to earth"
"give me a new heart"
"Turn me into a clone so I can fly like you"
I had to leave them behind

I reached Ghazalia and could see Teri chained to a tree like a dog
their doctors interrogating her
"Give us new hearts!  We know you can make and install new hearts for your people.  We are dying."
Teri screamed "I can't give you any hearts."
The leader reached toward her bloody chest
"Then we'll take yours"

I glanced at my Coracle - still intact - Oah's face appeared
"Use your new powers - become your own army"
Suddenly with will and instinct
I landed on their death-swelled ground as a blinking Skyscraper
then magically shape-shifted into an army of my own clones
in unison "Let her go"
The Ghazalians turned and aimed their guns and knives at all of me

"My new skin is full of bullets and vengeance.  Unchain her or die!"

One of the smaller soldiers lifted his knife to stab Teri
but before he could strike
My army shot bullets though him and the rest of them
leaving Teri alone standing
staring at us - terrified
I ran to her, melting the chains from the heat of a lightning bolt
"It's me, Teri"
"Lucy?" she stared at my buzzing formation of blinking lights in disbelief -
"This is who I am now.  No more borrowing your clothes without asking like when I was alive..."
Teri laughed through her bloody tears as I bandaged her wounds
and we flew back to a
more civilized world



As a monster made of drones instead of cells
tall as the tallest building in my small town
My horrors multiplied
part of my patchwork brain must have been a mad scientist
deciding with part of my mind that had been closed as catacombs before
unveiled not as a gentle giant
but as a deviant force of hell
my body split as an earthquake shook my form
into seven distinct unholy swarms
of human-like drones
with minds and faces of their own
as the Lord himself spoke
as the seven deadly sins come alive:
Pride - perfectly deceptive pose -a bloody rose of thorns
Greed - a violent tornado of want wilding beyond any reach of satiety
Lust - a beautiful beast of vice and addiction beyond salvation
Envy - Vainglorious viciousness springing as choking need for the world's bounty
Gluttony - consuming as a vacuous vacuum all of life until killing all in its path
Wrath - Vixenous rage and vengeance against humanity
Sloth - Serpentine slithering apathy lying in wait
Whose traits bloomed alive in each face as poisoned flowers open
and murder's birth began to swell
I stood apart as Good - my Coracle as a sword of light held high
with a shared petrified heart unkempt
Against Evil spewed up from hell
as Purgatory wept
and a telepathic voice and telekinetic lightning-slashed roar
that shook the crimson skies
This new Darkness multiplied declared War

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini is a published poet, playwright, screenwriter and short story writer.

Marie Scampini aka MZ Clarke writes poetical fiction, poetry, horror and scifi, currently writing the 'Rebelectric Zombie' series as a TV pilot entitled 'Flying Dead', and 'Zizadore' as a screenplay.
Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

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