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What is Love?

What is Love?

written by: Marius Alexandru



Love is more than just an ocean
and its waves that never end,
It is laughter, tears, emotions,
It’s a secret, wondrous blend.

Love is more than sunrise, sunset,
It’s the life between the two,
It’s a trust, a safety net,
Where the “I” becomes a “You.”

Love is more than winters, springs,
It’s a rose that has thorns too,
It’s the wind beneath our wings,
It’s the seed that grew and grew.

Love is holding hands and kisses,
It’s the silence in the rooms,
It’s the anger, sadness, blisses,
Love’s now withered, later blooms.

Love mends any broken dream,
While looking to the future,
Love’s “together,” love’s a team,
Love’s a glue, a perfect suture.

Love’s a poem, I can say,
A tango across The River,
It’s a song that I will play,
It’s my open heart to her.

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