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written by: Violet Pollux



If loving
is such a spontaneous thing,
which flows from us
because it rises by itself,
which flips out of our gardens
because we can't help it,
which breaks us in half
and makes slip out
the most sparkling
of our constellations
If love
isn't other than love,
so unruly,
so inevitable,
so uncontainable,

why do we focus
in the spectrum of typecasting tags
which make nothing
but limit the illimitable,
and we let a way of naming something indefinable
with the firework's explosion
we feel
under the skin?

Violet Pollux

Violet Pollux

Venezuelan, musician, amateur translator, poet and writer. Winner of the 7th place of the second poetry contest “Gustavo Pereira” in 2013, Poetry finalist in the “XIII Concurso Internacional de relato corto y poesía “Caños Dorados”” in 2015 August. And also winner of NaNoWriMo with 50,000 words novels since 2014 and looking forward to win this year too!
Violet Pollux

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