When Loneliness Flirts, a poem written by Gauri Dixit at Spillwords.com

When Loneliness Flirts

When Loneliness Flirts

written by: Gauri Dixit


Sitting in the garden of solitude
You see flowers
On the barren trees
Wishing that you were tall enough to reach the branch bearing flowers

As the couple eats a romantic meal
At the riverside cafe in the movie
You conjure up the aroma of pink pasta
And the slightly sour taste of the perfect wine
And everything suddenly seems fine

The chair whines, the floor creaks
Amidst all these, you hear a knock
The curtains engage in small talk
Until you ask the world to take a walk

He comes and goes as he pleases
It doesn’t bother you
You miss him at times and you miss his absence at other times
If only he knew

Flirting was never your cup of tea anyway

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