Poetry Has Gone To Sleep, poetry written by Gauri Dixit at Spillwords.com
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Poetry Has Gone To Sleep

Poetry Has Gone To Sleep

written by: Gauri Dixit


poetry has gone to sleep
somewhere deep
in the folds of the bedcover
like a cute baby
making me almost wish that I did not have to suffocate her
but if not today
then when?

my eyes leave dents in the wall
deep as Monalisa’s smile
I just hope that I am able to rescue it
when tomorrow gets lost in this ravine
I can see carcasses of many days
signs of struggle to survive are seen everywhere
few days almost rescued
and few dead at the bottom of the pit



if she is suffocated enough
I will bury poetry there
and paint a few wreaths of red and blue flowers

we never fail to honour our dead

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