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October Grave

October Grave

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



It was there
Under that October sky
Where I learned to let you go
As I walked away
We both knew it was over
Yet we were still one.
Telepathic lovers
Your thoughts as my own
As I slowly walked away
I heard you say
“please, don’t go”
My footsteps began to slowly stumble
And my words stuttered with fright.
Should I turn around to your darkness?
Or should I run to the light?
Seconds passed, maybe years,
As I held my breath
Frozen with fears
Forever in this standstill
Between your grave and my heart.
Between your cold hands
And my warm lies
Oh the shivers, the deep shivers!
ones that could only be felt with you
The quiet mother weeps here
And I quietly wait for you.
On this October sky
I learned to let you go
If only the thought of you
Would fade
As telepathic lovers
Of immortal love
Over this October grave.

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