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Divine Muse

Divine Muse

written by: DedHedpoet


Divine you are, I list your
flesh just for myself, face, hands, limbs that swell my being and make my heart grow. Mysticism in the nameable madness of Amor. Things I long
to whisper, shy in this languish (the sea lit up moon and stars) I am possessed
by all of you. The celestial touch from above, never escape me. O never flee, your abandonment would relinquish dreams of what I used to be.
Your embrace still seared deep within
my skin. Never, my possessor,
stop your susurrations to me.
I tremble with intensity. My
time alone not encroached upon
by you, but loving you
give unselfishly yourself
to me. To separate two lovers
skin, once they have bonded
outer and in. If lost, I’d dream
of your amorous touch, trembling without my fervor. In the soul. I found in you, could this be more than life, an oath, a promise,
an endless romance that two beauties
had never shared. Stake all on
that blissful moment and enjoy
it within me.


©2016 Dedhedpoet™

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