The Nature of The Beast by Ilene Dover at

The Nature of The Beast

The Nature of The Beast

written by: Ilene Dover


Although we act with decorum
Pretend to be Princesses and Kings
Some things we can’t hide
Cause they brew inside
They come out with noise, nasty things.

We never can tell their arrival,
Be they misamic or sweet.
But we can surmise
They are full of surprise
‘Ere in public or private they squeak.

They have no respect for a lady,
A matron, a taylor, a Sir,
It’s no good pretending,
And manners be tending,
A malaise for which there’s no cure.

Try as you might to repress it,
Matters not be ye old or young.
It’s a fault we all share,
Let ‘er rip if you dare,
Your very own song will be sung!

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