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written by: Mark Ryan



We slipped again, into the night.
Out of view.
Known only that we were here by the stories they tell.
Fabrications and fables.
Drops of disillusionments that melt their trustful hearts.
We wander, as they wonder why.
All around us keeps on spinning.
Our own rotational axis that keeps on thinning.
Down into splitting heirs.
Putting matchsticks between your teeth.
Setting the enameled house to fire.
Write these reasons on the back our hands.
Staple your own destiny to your eyelids.
Then once again play that mournful song of tomorrow.
And disappear into today’s setting sun.

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan was born in Oxford, growing up in the shadow of the dreaming spires. He studied film at London Metropolitan University, graduating to M.A in Film Theory.
His first novel, ‘Pendulum Days: Afraid’, is the first in a series of contemporary fairy tales and supernatural fiction. Followed by ‘Book II: Purgatory’. He has also published a collection of poems and stories in ‘Ghosts by proxy’ and ‘Drifting in and out of sleep’.
‘Keep it together’ is the family saga of the rich and infamous Van-Blacks, set against the backdrop of 1977 Boston.
His blog, ‘Havoc and consequence’, is a platform for his current poetry and short stories.
Mark Ryan

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