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written by: JahArt Kushite


you knocked on my door
sneaked into my home
turned my world upside
dressed in your black
you left me fatherless
turned me motherless
you took life of my
beloved ones away
and left to come yet
another day

you swallowed my next
of kin
and roam in my life
you act sinister
and devoured my sister
you took away my brother
it's only you, no other
you come unplanned
and none gets warned

you break families apart
and you are rampant
dawning agony
it no funny
you got no mercy
you make no sense
the life of unborn child
do you really mind

JahArt Kushite

JahArt Kushite

Capetown based poet. JahArt Kushite is a writer and poet who is paving his way up for recognition in the world of word bending. Author of book 'Wailing Soul', a collection of heart wrenching deep core soul poetry available on lulu.
JahArt Kushite

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