Subliminal (BUYCOCACOLA) Advertising, a poem by Amel Bashford at

Subliminal (BUYCOCACOLA) Advertising


written by: Amel Bashford


Poster, poster on the wall
Stupid fucking know-it-all
Watching me through paper eyes
Like two dimensional secret spies

It’s all a big conspiracy, don’t you know?
They sit and watch you come and go
Late at night, while you’re drunk with sleep
Out from the walls they silently creep
Green Day, Paramore and All Time Low
They’re sneaky bastards so I’m told

Stealing across the floor and to your bed
Then while you sleep they fill your head
With a sudden urgent need to buy
Anything they write with no clue why

They live the high life on your money
While you’re left skint and feeling funny
(Funny peculiar, not funny haha)
Not even enough for a pint of lager
To drown your sorrows to cliched lyrics
Yes this is how they get their kicks

So poster, poster on the wall
I’m watching you, I’m on the ball
Four days without sleep and I’m half dead
Perhaps I should try art instead.

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