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A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me

written by: Moxie McMurder



A quarrel
A murder
A conspiracy

What do these little dark eyes see
Our ancestors knew

Unkindness soars through the sky
And deceit wears its crown proudly
The parliament hard at work eating away
Throaty calls of superiority

A cast of merlins
Working their magic
Spells in their high angelic voices
And hooked beaks

Pitying watches on from the side
A worm
This story is only theirs to tell
But I watch
With an eager dread

Furious feathers and fairy tales
We steal and through capillary action
Transcribe your deeds
With ink wet as ebony eyes
A masculine presence
Like death
Or the devil

I will wait in the nest
Aerie in the high winds
Waiting for whispers
And the beating of black wings

An orchestra
A prayer

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