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Ages Passed Me By

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



'Twas day dark as night -
A night as day, 'twas bright
And I -
I walked in dark days
As ages passed me by;
My dark hair turned gray -
Much to others' dismay
For I lurked in dark days.

I witnessed not the blue sky;
Only lonely bright stars as ages passed me by.
To the stars, I waved a heartfelt goodbye -
Tears rolled down my eyes;
For they could help not but cry.
My eyes slept and woke; day came not -
Perchance, night allowed it not to be brought;
By darkness, day was caught.

The night stayed - I stayed;
The way to me,
Day knew not the path
For by demons, it was slayed -
I lifted my hands and prayed;
Soon, my breaths gave a sigh.
Though I was not high,
My feet stood on the ninth cloud in the sky -
There, I stayed
And let ages pass me by

Haaris Ali Waqas

Haaris Ali Waqas

My name is Haaris Ali Waqas and I'm 17 years of age. I've been writing poems for the past 2 years and I live in Ghana, West Africa. However, I am a Pakistani by ethnicity. My works are mostly done in the same structure but I mix it up every now and then to keep things exciting. I hope to be an Author Of The Month on this platform.
Haaris Ali Waqas

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