Ages Passed Me By by Haaris Ali Waqas at

Ages Passed Me By

Ages Passed Me By

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



‘Twas day dark as night –
A night as day, ’twas bright
And I –
I walked in dark days
As ages passed me by;
My dark hair turned gray –
Much to others’ dismay
For I lurked in dark days.

I witnessed not the blue sky;
Only lonely bright stars as ages passed me by.
To the stars, I waved a heartfelt goodbye –
Tears rolled down my eyes;
For they could help not but cry.
My eyes slept and woke; day came not –
Perchance, night allowed it not to be brought;
By darkness, day was caught.

The night stayed – I stayed;
The way to me,
Day knew not the path
For by demons, it was slayed –
I lifted my hands and prayed;
Soon, my breaths gave a sigh.
Though I was not high,
My feet stood on the ninth cloud in the sky –
There, I stayed
And let ages pass me by

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