Rambunctious Rhapsody II, poetry by Haaris Ali Waqas at Spillwords.com
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Rambunctious Rhapsody II

Rambunctious Rhapsody II

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



This has devoured my being,
Inundated the evil I seldom despise seeing,
She visits in the most trying times as a solace
So lonesome, I turn into a colorless corydalis
Desiring my soiled soul to remain
Even as I’m hailed by black rain.
My gods are here, they see me through
As I see through them
All the virtuous transgressions I never knew;
From which my breath would stem.

I listen to tales of these places
From false lips of false faces;
Lives are devoted to these lasting leaders,
Such followers flourish their own axe;
Conceited blithe is their melody,
A wind driving them to serenity,
A boundary separating evil doers
And prejudiced losers
Whose hearts dwell in shallow seas,
With their ideologies as light as the summer breeze.

Worldly temptations calm their minds, I reckon,
A shallow path to gratification
From devils’ voices that beckon
A stern weapon to kill the guilt;
All those words were hasty hallucinations.
I see their smirks lighting up their own skies;
A world surviving only in their eyes.
We’re enveloped by a sea of dust;
Fed by woeful thoughts
That reflect a rainbow’s rust.

I live here, far from myself,
In a destination I’m yet to know
Surrounded by people with everything,
Only to witness some with nothing.
There is a chaotic calmness around me,
Filled with realities I lay within my grave,
And delusions that can never be
When I am my own slave.





‘Rambunctious Rhapsody II’ – this poem is about an individual who questions his morality but fails to change himself and proceeds to judge others who judge him. There’s way more to it than I can describe here. Have a great read and I hope my work is appreciated.

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