A Tone, poetry written by C.R Daugherty at Spillwords.com

A Tone

A Tone

written by: C.R. Daugherty


Civil war: what but earth are we fighting for?
We belong to this planet of Earth,
like cilia, supercillious,
Grown up from the ground,
looking for the warmth of heaven
without . . .

There was a king named Martin Luther King Jr.
Would you be lauded at the content of your character?
Do you believe in the power of forgiveness,
and have you ever considered the sacrifice . . .
on turning the other cheek?

Where are my people?
Who do not identify by skin color?
Why dichotimize black and white
Win, humans, we are melannin brown,
coffee black in our shades,
like plants are chlorophyll,
avocado with her greens?

Why, gods-bless-it?

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