Lost Words, poetry written by Diane Leopard at Spillwords.com

Lost Words

Lost Words

written by: Diane Leopard



Words are flowing, like a river that’s full
They’re charming, enchanting, creative, descriptive
Thoughts start dancing like a ballerina on stage
Words like music with stories to tell
I reach for the paper, a pen in my hand
Feeling excited I start to write.

But, all of a sudden the river runs dry
The ballet has ended, the symphony over
Thoughts turn to practical jobs to be done
The cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing
An endless list of chores to accomplish

Jobs all completed, it’s now time to write
Dancers are poised, musicians start playing
Thoughts to delight with tales to tell
The curtain is rising, performance begins
But, now it’s time to turn off the light



Last week my head was full of festive poetry. Feeling ready to write I reached for my pen and notebook and this is what I wrote instead – the festive words had all just disappeared.

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