Ariel, Bless Us, a poem by C.R Daugherty at
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Ariel, Bless Us

Ariel, Bless Us

written by: C.R. Daugherty


Loveliest of angels, Ariel,
Guard over the flocks of Earth,
And let the nourishing waters flow,
Providing a floral rebirth.

Divine from the heavens thunderstorms
To cleanse out our factory farms,
And let all the suffering animals go
To return to our Mother Earth’s arms.

Please guide and watch over us, Ariel,
We hoping the heavens forgive.
I beg of you, Goddess ecology,
To teach us how gracious to live.

And if all we humans across the Earth
Arrive centralizing at home,
We can work together, ameliorating
A garden from under the dome.

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