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Rambunctious Rhapsody

Rambunctious Rhapsody

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas


Set free my fervid gaze,
Strain my passions from evil;
For, melancholy deserts me in a haze
To ardently escape evanescent shadows;
Shadows living, never existing,
Their breath all around, never endearing,
Aristocratic demons imbue my pleasures,
See them, dancing by the bucolic sea,
Splashing the vestigial pain of my endeavors,
See them, my invisible ghost riders,
Dwelling in the deadly storm;
A vow they never made,
Did it not weaken and deform us?

Athena my darling,
See my mockery being made
By salivating second comers
In the rooms of their fantasy,
Embracing their rapturous imagination,
Is this even there?
Or am I just caught in an epiphany;
A brave belief held in the hearts of cowards?
Perhaps the stars have imposed their light,
And certainly I feel my desolation as might;
That and this shall never conflate with my sorrowful sight.

The calmness here loathed me,
The angels here failed to guide me,
I loved me, no one else,
But my heart grew too cold for their weather,
Only they could feel it melt,
Only they knew I could never be better.
Be it my resentment or distaste of every soul,
I never felt chaste of this defilement,
Wish I slept without its toll.
I need not followers, nor any bailment,
For I; a believer who failed to believe.

Hold close my temple of opulence
When the moon shades me,
When the thunder strikes me,
Hold close my hand to the sky,
Make me feel mighty,
Make me feel myself,
Let go not my life in vain,
Let go of this soothing pain,
Hold on to our tender rhapsody,
And let go of our reality.



‘Rambunctious Rhapsody’ is a poem inspired by the famous song and in my opinion, the most dynamic and versatile song of all time, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.

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