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written by: Vibha



Covered with the dust of time

On the shelf called life,

Holding tattered pages

Is a book called – self.

Illustrated with roses & thorns

And a path forlorn,

Leaving me confused…

Walk or wait,

As it heads towards

an unknown gate

Not a song, rhythm or sound

for the tired soul.

Is a tempest on rise

Camouflaged by the calm?

The thoughts disheveled

in a pattern of loneliness

I wonder …

I question


am I living?



Vibha Lohani is an author, translator and storyteller. Her stories have been published by Penguin Random House, Pratham and Amaryllis as part of anthologies. Her story 'Manu's Mango Friend' is available in six different languages (English, HIndi, Malyalam, Filipino, Tibetan and Mandarin) on StoryWeaver's open source platform. Her story has been published as a part of the First Book On Road Safety in India 'Have A Safe Journey' promoted by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
She also runs a story telling and creative expression programme called Abhivyakti for underprivileged children to encourage them to read and write.

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