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written by: Daniel Lynskey



What if this is hell?
a place where your dreams don't come true
and everyone you love dies,
What if this is hell?
Where it gets worse as you go
and there's no reason why,
What if this is a punishment
for a crime you don't recall,
What if this is a sentence,
Life without parole.

What if this is hell?
Where the only use for your brain
Is to become aware of your cage,
to analyze your pain
and know you can't escape,
a slow realization as your life takes shape
that you have no fate, destiny or purpose
You're a mistake.

Daniel Lynskey

Daniel Lynskey

I'm a nineteen year old writer from the Republic of Ireland, I enjoy writing everything from poetry to short stories, songs, movies or anything else I can imagine. Most of it gathers dust in my word documents.
Daniel Lynskey

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