Words That Form Within, a poem written by Hedgehog at Spillwords.com
Brett Jordan

Words That Form Within

Words That Form Within

written by: hedgehog


Words that form within
Expression of your mind
Giving light to words behind
Enchantments smiling eyes
Determined, hard, defined
An inscription in your face
Those musings put to words
For words that are uncertain
Whose meanings lie so hidden

Words that form within
Our bodily expressions
Banishing all confusion
Formed in close discussion
Of senses now unwound
A face will speak in words
Formed from thoughts within
Your inner conscious mind
Forms all consuming passion

Words that form within
Subconscious their creation
But words are not just words
Born from a mind that’s dwelling
They’re constructed to cast out
Like sunshine breaking clouds
Peer deep into your thoughts
And then you realise
Your words are written down

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