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written by: hedgehog


Along the canal the trees lie silent
Like men in the trenches falling and dying
Seized by a blast from winters icy breath
Limbs writhe and twist braced upwards
Boles cracked open filled with moss and ice
Frost and snow lie hard through thick air
Why has this winter been so cruel?
The weak sun climbs slowly into view
As the mist raises itself ever upwards
There has been a battle here this winter
Where horse and animals crisscross the land
Leaving footprints to fill and then freeze over
Icy winds wheel over these tiny Hell-mouths
Willow wands iced, a steely silence fills the air
The canal freckled with snow in arid sleep
I lean against a tree, what secrets lie beneath?
As daylights sun snakes through lazy shadows
Nature is moving slowly through the soil
Not one green shoot has venture forth, yet
Spring is already waking, who could tell?



I'm a retired Civil Servant, I worked for the Ministry of Defence retiring at the age of fifty. I am now seventy years of age and was encouraged by my good friend Annie Mulholland in February 2016 to write short stories and poetry as she thought I was well capable of writing both. I started writing in earnest in June of 2016. I have joined a writing group "Tenovus write with us".

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