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Caffeinated Reveries

Caffeinated Reveries

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


Have you seen the aroma
Passing by slowly?
But I’ve vividly seen it
Foggy and Colourless
Diving deep into it
Through mesmerizing sips.
Steamy cups of alluring brew
One for you, one for me
Indeed, it can be called
A cup of eternal bliss.

It’s a tantalizing savour
Each mix of sugar cubes
Makes it more addictive
To quench the inner swings
It simply makes its way
Flowing down and down
Serene and slowly
Through the gullet
And each sip breaks out
Disparant range of memories.

I’ve gone through the variants
Occasionally had Cappuccino
Then Espresso or Latte
And the list goes on.
Everything is a piece of art
If so, these Blissful sips
Is a luscious piece of art
It’s quite surprising that
Each variant takes its form
From a tiny coffee bean.

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