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The Skin Bag

written by: Ikechukwu Obiorah


In the bushes of my skin bag
All crickets turn into a deejay
Singing lyrics like ass in a sling

The wind comes murmuring in
The trees of my bones and the
Inside cloud becomes obscure

The colour of the river in the sky
Of my skin is as red as crimson
And the fishwives sulky and huffy

All the various leaves in my forest
Are dancing the thrum of the whiff
And the earth still drinks from the sky

I am the skin bag with osseous matter
Candy-coated with salt of the sphere
In defiance of the puff I draw breath.

Ikechukwu Obiorah

Ikechukwu Obiorah

Ikechukwu Obiorah is a Nigerian writer, a prolific poet, and a novelist. His poems have been published in Poetica 2019, by Clarendon House Publications, Ponders Series, Breaking Rules Publishing, Better Than Starbucks, Cajun Mutt Press, Active Muse Journal, Sage Cigarettes Magazine, the Nigerian magazine EroGospel, and others. Poetry has been his sweetheart for a decade.
Ikechukwu Obiorah

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