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When Insect Cries

written by: Ikechukwu Obiorah



The skill to kill is in the shrill cry of insect,
Whistling a vapor in the forest of breath,
And breaking the water pouch of health.

The azure of clay has allotted a leeway
To the ladybug of virus to rule the air,
With the cacophony of pandemonium.

The days of clay are fixed in the web of
Time, and the funnel of clay calling the
Conquistador to put vittles in bazooka.

When the backbone of stone is carrying
The weight of clay, the clay doesn't know
That the stone stomachs bleeding heart.

These days that insect wakes the dead
With a crass of brass noisy to the ears,
The vulva of the clay has become clever.

On the treetop of the slay clay, Udele the
Vulture of culture comes dancing on the
Wake of the night, let the slay clay pray.

Ikechukwu Obiorah

Ikechukwu Obiorah

Ikechukwu Obiorah is a Nigerian award-winning poet, and a novelist included in the "Who is Who of Emerging Writers Book Worldwide 2020", by Sweetycat Press, USA. His poems have been published in Poetica, by Clarendon House Publications, Spillwords Press, Ponders Series, Breaking Rules Publishing, Better Than Starbucks, Cajun Mutt Press, Active Muse Journal, Sage Cigarettes Magazine, McMaster University Press (The Muse), Bradlaugh Fingers, the Nigerian magazine EroGospel, and others. Poetry has been his sweetheart for a decade.
Ikechukwu Obiorah

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