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Deep Fried Mars

Deep Fried Mars

written by: Rania M M Watts



“and you
— not the you
from now — the you
from when you were
only a vague
vision through
my third

the you
who would
be the only being
to accept me for me
—  broken brain
faults and all
one who regardless
— no matter how insane
would stand by my side

that was the night
i ordered the deep fried
mars bar — with my first
delectable bite i knew
i had to scribe
you a letter

— you know me
how much i live
to write — i’d finally
sorted the words
i’d sought after
that delirious
first bite

i couldn’t believe
anything would taste
so ridiculously

finally — i was able
to permit
my ink to flow
upon an ivory
you’ll probably
never read

to my dearest
future husband…
i had no idea
of who you were
but wanted to reach out
just the same
yes — i do realize
it sounds — completely insane
to address this man
who will be such a large
part of my future
but not part
of my present

my heart
ached for you
not a superficial yearn
but one that gained
in strength from
my core

and yes — i also know
it’s quite the heavy thought
to be paired with a deep
fried mars bar
and half litre of blush
wine that was ordered
not only for whimsy
but love
of chocolate
which filled
the gaps



Rania M M Watts

Rania M M Watts

My name is Rania M M Watts, I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 whimsical children & wife of one brilliant & athletically inclined husband. (Oh, and, I take Pizza orders over the phone to help make ends meet) I'm looking to finally pursue my dream of being a working poet. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Palestinian parents in 1974. With the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975, my family emigrated to Canada when I was 2 years of age -- for a peaceful life that didn't involve bombs or explosions.

I dabble in myriad of Art mediums, however am most at home with a: pen, crayon, eyeliner, quill and any type of parchment. Always deemed a freak of nature because of my outlooks and perceptions, I've allowed my imagination to dominate my core since the age of 13 when I told my Grade 8 teacher Mr. Natale, I wanted to flee to Europe with a typewriter and create in fields of long grass... Ever since, I've been a Master Imaginarium & Oubliette Architect, there is NOTHING I can't write about!

Cement Covered Ink Quills is my brain-child blog where I relish focusing on the premise of 'The Verity of Humanity' via various Art Mediums.
Rania M M Watts

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