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written by: Poli Miltou



My soul, it was just a memory!
The water, the water and the waves have drowned everything.

My soul, the sky is getting darker.
The moon will rise and shine

silver reflections, a pale sigh.

My soul, just forget everything!
In oblivion, in oblivion, the shadows shall vanish.

My heart, are you in pain?
I hear you, I feel you, I find you,

any time you want to send me a message.

I feel you, I find you!
My soul, it’s already midnight.
Do not feel sad for all the knives,
wounds and slashes, have hurt you without mercy.

My heart, your thoughts to the sun!

The day that is coming will have no darkness,
blue will be the sea, full of ships,
the plash of the waves will spray your feet with saltiness,

the stars will become birds,
the rocks, a field of lilies.

My heart, you cannot hide,

I find you, I feel you!

My soul, the dust shall go to earth,

upon you the glow of the gold of love,

rubies of  joy, diamonds of smile,

fragrances of hope,

kindness, affection are your silk.

My soul, everything that happened, was taken by the ocean.
My sensitive heart,

look up, and take courage,

nothing is lost, everything begins now!

Be tough, do you hear me?

You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy!!! …

You are worthy, because is YOU!

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