I HAVE ONLY ONE HEART by Poli Miltou at Spillwords.com



written by: Poli Miltou



Dear God, I have a complaint, you want to hear it?
You gave me only one heart
And that is too small and too narrow!
Tell me, how can it fit the whole Creation,
all the animals, and birds, and flowers,
how can it hug all the children of the earth?
And all of those, friends and enemies, that came close to my existence?
Myriads of human hearts that I have loved,
endless are the sorrows of my soul,
some of them were nice, some of them were evil… most of them were ungrateful!
How can my heart endure
and not break into a thousand pieces
for those that being tormented, for those that suffer
by war and disaster
or the immense malice that suffocates them?
You gave me only one heart and it’s a poor one!
I have no more bread to feed the hungry,
no home for the homeless,
no clothes and no powers,
not an important name, to open locked doors,
I have nothing anymore, only a smile
but is this enough to eliminate darkness?…
Oh, my heart was just one, but I have broken it into pieces!
To turn it into countless little hearts
and let the wind scatter them all over the earth,
to search every neighborhood and path,
lest they eliminate evil and allow love to spread!!!
You gave me only one heart and this I will give back!
Take it and make of it whatever you please, it’s just a ruin now
thousands of little pieces, little powerless hearts…
For the convenience, the street fairs and the markets,
and all that can be measured by the humans’ money
the glory, the egoism, and the hypocrisy.
Love has no value … anymore!
And, I, the unfortunate, have no treasures,
only one heart and that in ruins!
Forgive me, God, one heart was not enough for me!
It will return to you as dust when I come to join You!
I have nothing else that is precious to give!!!

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