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My Thoughts In Words For You…

My Thoughts In Words For You…

written by: Julie Powell



Whether it be today, tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year I want to let you know that I will always be here

I will always be kind please keep that thought forever in your mind

To listen, to talk or just to help cancel out the not so positive thoughts

Dealing with good days and bad days alike as not every day will be perfectly right

Just holding each other tight would make everything feel good, I always knew that it would

The feelings I get from you, the butterflies from your hungry eyes the sleepless nights wanting to hold you tight

I know just being with you will
make all of my dreams come true

That I know for sure and the reason why I want you more and more

I so hope I’m not wrong in thinking your feelings for me might also be this strong

Being with you makes life feel so fresh and new, I hope you might feel that way too

In other words, I really do love you

Julie Powell

Julie Powell

A single mum to a gorgeous son and two lovely cats. I love looking after our happy home.
As well as other hobbies, I have recently had a go at poetry and I’m really enjoying it!
Julie Powell

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