Absence written by Allie at Spillwords.com



written by: Allie



I wake up in the morning;
You’re the first thought to cross my mind.
I go through my day imagining you,
And the joy that you might find
In the ripple of the water,
Ruffled by the wind,
Or the way the sunbeams break the clouds
And gently warm the ground. . .
The drops of dew on a clover blossom,
or on a spider’s web. . . .
The way the blue jays play in flight
cacophony of sounds.
All these little magical things,
They keep you near to me.
Though we may be worlds apart
I look to them and see
Your smile, your eyes, Your open heart,
Your tenderness of touch,
These little things, they warm my heart,
And your absence doesn’t hurt so much.

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