Oh, Puppy, My Puppy, a poem by Anne Gruner at Spillwords.com
Shane Guymon

Oh Puppy, My Puppy

Oh Puppy, My Puppy

written by: Anne Gruner


Oh puppy, my puppy who barks and cries
and seems to grow before my eyes.
You roll and rumble and run so fast,
you trip and stumble in the grass.

You chew my socks and eat my shoes
and often do whatever you choose.
So many toys, you play and play,
and don’t quite master the meaning of stay.

But please go potty outside, not in.
On this one matter my patience grows thin.
You tug your leash to go where you please,
and soon I know you’ll bring home fleas.

There’s a distant dog you want to see,
you flip your collar and then run free.
You shed and shed, but are the sweetest,
even if you’re not the neatest.

You howl for no cause and beg for food,
but most the time, you’re pretty good.
Dog is God backwards, there’s a reason for that.
Don’t know what it is, but for that I will clap.

Oh puppy, my puppy, I’m so glad you’re mine.
I’ll love you forever, to me you’re divine.

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