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Answering The Generations

Answering The Generations

written by: Anne Gruner


My dad lectured me,
Eat your fruits and vegetables.
Now, my grandson interrogates me,
what is fruits and vegetables?

I don’t answer, since one question
leads to the next at his age,
which is too young to hear about
droughts, fires, floods—
how robo pollinators never worked—
and most of all, famine.

My grandmother wrote a poem,
but I only remember a few lines,
along with its title,
No Bees on the Buttercups.

No more blooms to vanquish
in our slow and sad decline,
no more stings to anguish
once we lose our most divine.

With no more hums to hear
from our precious bumble bees,
great hunger we will fear
that could bring us to our knees.

How did she know?

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