Beyond The Vows, a poem by Uzama Afreen at
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Beyond The Vows

Beyond The Vows

Unveiling Her Shimmering Soul

written by: Uzma Afreen


In the depths of her spirit, a girl stands cracked,
Her dreams held captive, society’s weight on her back.
Yearning for freedom, her true self to pursue,
Yet parents insist on a path she must not choose.

Within her, a fire burns bright and strong,
A flame of passion, desires that long.
But the world around her imposes its will,
Forcing her into a mold that doesn’t fulfill.

She looks to society, a mirror reflecting,
The stories of women, their lives intersecting.
Married, divorced, single, and living in stride,
Their choices and outcomes she cannot hide.

Marriage, they say, is the key to happiness,
Yet she sees the cracks and the tears that transgress.
For she believes that love cannot be found,
In a world where true devotion is scarce all around.

Like a delicate rose, she seeks to bloom,
Unfolding her petals, breaking free from the gloom.
For marriage, she knows, does not define her worth,
Her dreams and aspirations, her treasures on Earth.

Her situation, a tapestry of metaphors so true,
A bird trapped in a cage, longing to break through.
A phoenix rising from ashes, reborn and unbound,
A river carving its path, with strength to astound.

She stands tall, like a mountain reaching the skies,
Defying conventions, her spirit never denies.
For her heart whispers fiercely, a symphony of grace,
“Choose your own path, embrace your own space.”

She yearns to be a star, radiant and bright,
Igniting the heavens, casting shadows to light.
For societal pressure may crack her soul within,
But her dreams, her dreams are where she shall begin.

So let her soar, let her chase her desires,
Unburdened by chains, unquenched by the fires.
For her happiness lies not in the bonds of a ring,
But in the pursuit of her dreams, where she’ll truly sing.

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