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The Gaza’s Painful Song

The Gaza’s Painful Song

written by: Uzma Afreen


Amidst the echoes of shattered walls,
Silenced voices cry in the night’s shawl.
Homes, once shelter, now turned to dust,
As war’s bitter flames leave emotional scars.

Innocence shrouded in fear’s embrace,
Torn from roots, fleeing their sacred space.
Children’s laughter drowned by wails,
In a tragedy where hope often fails.

The skies weep tears of anguish and dread,
Witnessing lives lost, souls silently bled.
Amidst the chaos, hearts torn apart,
A symphony of grief with no restart.

Their homes, once proud, now mere ash,
Echoes linger, an unending, sorrowful clash.
In the silence, prayers softly intone,
For a heaven lost, a peace overthrown.

Yet, in these darkest hours of despair,
Seeds of unity and hope still flare.
Let our voices rise, a chorus strong,
For a day when roses bloom, where they belong.

May the winds of change bring solace’s breath,
To heal the wounds, ease the grip of death.
May Gaza’s painful song, in time, find peace,
And from the ashes, let hope increase.

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