Purple Trees And Golden Hills written by Gayl Wright at Spillwords.com

Purple Trees And Golden Hills

Purple Trees and Golden Hills

written by: Gayl Wright



Purple trees clamor amid high clouds
Golden hills run wildly in a row
A giant I am and slow

Head full of stories so loud
Tumbling like a hamster wheel
Round and round and real

Imagination reigns
Happy as a jumping frog
Not a plain old cog

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright makes her home in upstate South Carolina. Married for 42 years, mother of 7, grandmother of 14, she is a seeker of truth who looks for beauty in ordinary things. She can often be found sitting on the hillside or relaxing on the porch swing. She loves to explore new areas of creativity as she writes for her blog, composes poems, dabbles in her art journal or captures images with photography.
Gayl Wright

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