I THINK OF YOU by Ayushman Jamwal at Spillwords.com



written by: Ayushman Jamwal



Far away from savage civilisation,
In the green sea of devotion and elevation,
Powerful stillness in the mist narcotic,
I douse the fury for purpose anew,
I think of you.

The concrete air is miles away,
I untie the knots, shed my skin again,
The stars engulf the sky with beautiful hues,
Haze consumes my memory’s view,
I think of you.

I turn to the furious white waters,
Life giving force like a deafening mortar,
I stand at the edge of this oblivion,
Tempted to see what lies through,
I think of you.

I walk on the fringes of the green sea,
The silent winter shroud advances fearlessly,
Warring realms united in a peaceful sliver,
I breathe in that alchemy under an endless blue,
I think of you.

In the dark hills I find a piece of moon,
On the stage, the spirits ask about you,
No face, no frame I say and they’re amused,
‘Has hope driven to insane?’, they ask,
‘I know I will meet her someday’, I laugh.

A strange play of heart and mind,
Giving me what I can’t hold or find,
Every smile, kiss & touch I yearn for you,
Till then beloved,
I think of you.

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