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written by: Ipsita Banerjee



I ventured into the world to share my indifference
There was no love in my well laid plans
No debilitating emotions to weigh me down.
No nervous paraphernalia of fluttering hands.

When I was born you whispered in my ear:
and that was enough as I lay in the afternoon sun
shivering on the cold floor as the warmth faded away
I learnt life is fragile but worlds have no end.

I learned to love, despite my own misgivings
I loved your laughter, those strong arms that held me once
As I love the lilting breeze, the sea-washed sunsets
I love the darkness, the moonlight, the birdsong at dawn.

I love again and again, a repeat offender
That voice, those tiny feet, those lips that curl
Those eyes that see through me, that smile, that tender voice
The patter of those feet when I’m nearing home

I stand guilty of everything you warned me of
my thoughts a tangled stream of in-elegant words
that I serve in slivered slices of silence
wedged into my magnum opus: my indifference.

Ipsita Banerjee

Ipsita Banerjee

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