One Day..., poetry written by Ipsita Banerjee at
Becca Tapert

One Day…

One Day…

written by: Ipsita Banerjee



One day I will throw my arms and hug again
We will meet in cafes and chatter
And moan about work pressures

And chuckle at trivial things.
We will dance like no one’s watching,
Go on trips, laugh with wild abandon
And the only masks will be the faces
We wish to wear that day.

For now we have our piles of bodies
The pyres we left unlit.
The farewells left unsaid,
As the piles keep growing
Through yet another phonecall
Another message, another thread
On someone’s post un-entwined
Saved for later, saved for another day.

One day we will smile again
And our hearts will soar.
And we will know better.

Than to take such things for granted.
For the piles of bodies we own now
Those bodies abandoned in sheets,
The ones floating, un-named
Will always follow us, wherever we go.

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