New Beginnings, a poem written by Leila Ziari at
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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

written by: Leila Ziari


Threads so skillfully spun into miraculous webs
Energetically lingering in my consciousness
Percolating in their own magnificence
Steeping in pure decadence
Melding all elemental richness
Until fully ripened to devour their succulence
Intoxicating all senses with their holiness
Patience is a virtue, isn’t it

The eternal journey of awakening
The sacred knot to tie all loose ends
Squeeze out the drops of darkened presence
Press the reset button time and time again
A never ending funeral procession
Led galliantly to your death sentence
In scattered pieces may you rest
A burial for every last ounce of outdated essence

The caskets been buried—only seeds are exhumed
Petals are forming roses upon your tomb
Transcendence—floating in the womb
Protected in the sacred confines of the cocoon
Doctor will see you now leave the waiting room
My dear child it’s time to bloom
Gracing the world with your aromatic perfume
A prescribed dose of magic to sprinkle away the gloom

Nights spent praying to the stars above
Darling they’ve been filling your cup
Forward momentum—the enchanted tug
Elevation let the old—deconstruct
Don’t let fear trip you up
Enough rope to hang yourself
Strangle your blessings or rise up
Circular motion—a journey to love

Higher levels of enlightenment
Another chapter came and went
Assess all those passed tests
Checking levels of self-nourishment
Self mastery—do you love yourself different
Do you recognize the glistening coat of new flesh
The new is here—the final step
Green lights flashing— clear path ahead

Ready, set, go
Tapped into the cosmic flow
Universe will lead, will you follow?
Truth doesn’t have to be so hard to swallow
Sweet sacred lessons aglow
Trusting in the great unknown
Delivering you to a mystic stepping stone
The chariots coming to bring it all home

All the clarity is bursting through the seams
Is finally in full viewing—tangibly grasping desires in reach
Time to fulfill those sacred prophecies
The whispers of the new that have been stirring
Caressing me in my sleep—tantalizing me in my dreams
Paving the way to the promised land—glory is beckoning
You my dear are worthy—surrender to receptivity
For the earthly heaven is here—divine dreams manifesting

Contracts of physical blessings
Count the bounty of the present
Multiplying each and every second
Life changes in an instant
Lighting strikes away resistance
Quantum leaping into the great beyond
Kissed by the splendor of the sun
Into the shimmering light of a new dawn

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