Drinkin' Again, a poem by Leila Ziari at Spillwords.com
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Drinkin’ Again

Drinkin’ Again

written by: Leila Ziari


Oh baby it’s just like Sinatra said
That’s right I’m drinking again
C’est la vie, let’s be friends
Fuck integrity, I’ve traded it in

Rushing around the same old town
Let’s trade stories, entertain the crowd
Only watering myself down
So your soul can be found

I’ve lost all control
Going on a downward spiral
All ragged lines, fake lovers
And empty souls

Pour another glass or two
Let’s all nullify my esoteric sheen
Make a lot of noise, come unglued
String my heart along some ruse

Spilling my truth down the drain
Different night, gigs all the same
The jokes are really rather lame
I’ve only myself to blame

How about this for a trick?
I make you a priority for a minute
Sacrifice my wishes, lose my inhibitions
For a circus centralized round your interest

Drinking again and after the rush
Oh how I find myself flushed
For I took this lovely goddess
And handed out all her stardust

I drowned myself in excess
Stained wine rests on these lips
Lips that spilled universal secrets
Debauchery is my witness

That old devil called love
Broke out and escaped me
Dove into your soul’s slipstream
Now you both have left me lonely

It’s not so funny, cause baby I’m the clown
So I’ll have another round
And toast to the heart of me
That precious heart I let follow you down

Oh baby, this love ain’t here to stay
But if tomorrow never comes
At least we have another empty bottle
And an ashtray full of disarray

Let’s dance in the streets
Dissolve my boundaries in concrete
Drown out the outward noise
And give you my energy to keep

Oh, I drowned myself in the bottle
Kept a lower vibration fed
So when I’m sprawled out on my bed
I call out missing all the pieces you bled

As the sunshine creeps on through
And in my mind is only you
I can only flash upon the gifts I gave
On another fateful night of rose and blues

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