Little Stars at

Little Stars

Little Stars

written by: Seorin Kae



human hearts:
often divided
by time,
the walls we build

how is it measured?
how is it captured?
how is it contained?

love is often
a puzzle,
a riddle,
a mystery

for meaning
between the fine lines
of what love is portrayed to be

I still

the different colors of love
melting together
as hearts collide

like little stars
forever floating about

the starlight
melting the pieces of our universe
and the pictures we find
hidden in what we try to call love

Seorin Kae

Seorin Kae

I am a student(MA) and a teacher with a busy schedule, but a lot of thoughts and sentiment I would like to share.
Through my works I want to capture the beauty we so often observe but don't always appreciate . I want to sketch the heart of the inner being of mankind and shed light in the different colors of love that we don't have names for.
Seorin Kae

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