Calamity of COVID, a poem by Hemu Aggarwal at
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Calamity of Covid

Calamity of COVID

written by: Hemu Aggarwal



I do this while sitting alone; I fiddle my fingers and twiddle my toes
Strange times have taken a toll, helpless human has surrendered to his foes
Winter, summer, and now fall, when, why, how long will it last, no one knows
Patience running thin, under unbearable strain, wait until the whole thing blows

Rampant revenge of Mother Nature came so fast, came so forceful
Sweeping across at a lightning speed, wow what a dreadful danger
First came denial, then came defiance, and thought that we were resourceful
Finally came a true realization that there was no way out but to surrender

All the progress, all the pride, all our accomplishments are down the drain
Mighty mega cobra took us all in its grip, so strong, so stout, it was hard to sustain
Unimaginable, unpredictable, no one can survive with this victorious virus
It threw its net so wide, spreading it to the global sphere like a tree of Pyrus

The world is standing still, uncertain, unstable, variable, versatile yet volatile
Huffing and puffing, feeling so breathless running in a race that is so futile
Rushing to dig a well when the world is on fire, this situation seems so dire
It’s time to realize that going against science is like standing in a crossfire

Feeling overwhelmed and desperate, disguising my face making me suffocate
I miss my job, miss my friends, above all lacking fresh air that I really hate
Waiting for rays of hope, some miracle or magic, perhaps a lesson in how to cope
Where is that wonder cure, it will come I’m sure before thy opens heaven’s gate.

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