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Hemu Aggarwal

The Kitty

The Kitty

written by: Hemu Aggarwal



Taking a walk on a fine day
Walking in a leisurely manner,
One arm moving faster,
The other one doesn’t care
Steps keeping up the pace
Not matching the arms
Eyes rolling all over
The brain is trying to stay awake
With all the loose limbs
Walk a mile, the doctor said
If I stay healthy, he gets paid
Cool breeze caressing
Like a rose petal
Whisking gently,
Against a cheek
Soft sunny rays, barely warm
Enveloping around
Like a lustful lover
Thought process
Suddenly stopped
Rewind, rewind
Bundled-up bed sheets
Hastily putting in for a wash
What happened to the kitty?
That slept with me last night?
Tiny droplets burst out
On the forehead, palms getting wet
Speeding up the course,
While turning around, I sweat
Taking a walk on a fine day
Walking back hurriedly,
How, what, if, but, damn,
Words crossing the mind
Pupils dilated, head and heart pounding,
Oh God, no, no, no
Was it an act so unkind?
What happens?
If I don’t find
Agonizing hesitation
Curse, curse, curse
A thousand times
Brainstorming, observation
Some real, some speculation
Regretting and repenting
Begging for mercy
Absent-minded asshole
Taking a walk on a fine day

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