Who Were They!?, poetry written by Miss Kanishka at Spillwords.com

Who Were They!?

Who Were They!?

written by: Miss Kanishka


An exhausted month it was;
She sat tired and gasped
Whenever opened her laptop.
A dawn so relaxed
finally came her way,
When she and her husband
were together the whole day.
Watching the birds she sat
Holding his hand on left.
Everything was going good,
Suddenly a call for him came through
The next window of the room.
He went outside…

Black hair, white toe,
A cat stood in front of her
Looking towards her bedroom.
She turned back to see
What the cat aimed and flee
After she turned back.
“Mumma my friend
Is not giving back my teddy”
A girl ran to her and spoke vigorously.
She went inside the bedroom to see
Along with her.
The girl pointed her finger on the bed
Where a teddy, and “nobody”, was there…

She was so scared that she ran
Out of the room leaving the girl
And the teddy.
Her mother knocked on the door,
Came in and went to cook.
“Please help me mommy,” my daughter
Is talking to someone who is not around…!
“I think there’s a ghost!”
She cried, scared, leaning on the couch.

“Don’t crack stupid jokes
It’s early morning,
You are not yet married!”
Her mother replied.

“Who were they then?!!”

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