etry written by Miss Kanishka at Spillwo
Rodrigo Gonzalez

Driving My First Pay

Driving My First Pay

written by: Miss Kanishka


What is going on in the world, I barely know,
There’s gratitude I daily sow;
Weighing my job he spoke;
I walked past a man who got me low.

My thoughts stagger,
I feel my heart stabbed with a dagger.
So what if I make less?
He is up the pedestal and I’m building the ladder.

I parked by the drain,
With the door open, I walked down the lane.
It was a crowded street
Yet, I could hear only my heart’s pain.

I am worthy– who helps to weep,
Just a little money makes them a heap!
But I know my roots are deep,
But I know my roots are deep.

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