ZENOBIA written by Slice Lucas at Spillwords.com



written by: Slice Lucas



It’s Like The World Stops & Time Freezes
The Purest Form Of Being Present
Lost In The Moment, Our Souls Crash
Her Beauty, Her Voice, Her Touch
It’s Euphoric – Angelic
High On Love – It’s Unconditional, It’s Real
My Emptiness Feels Full
Everything Becomes More Vibrant
Her Energy Boosts Mine
This Dimension Is Real
Are We Lost Or Are We Found?
We Sail, We Float, We Fly
We Escape
I’m Addicted To Her Radiant Vibrations
This Space Is Colorful & Bright
Our Spirits Sing & Dance
Tangled In Our Own Web Of Comfort
Grasping The Connection We Desire
Our Flames Unite
Childhood Innocence Returns
The Warmth Of A Security Blanket
We Flow & We Float
Drunk Off The Ambience
Our Aura Is Intoxicating
This Juncture Is Ours
And In This Instance
We Become One!

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