Uncertainty, poetry written by Aishwariya Laxmi at Spillwords.com



written by: Aishwariya Laxmi



We sit in the dark
You and I
For the sound of hope
Of a future
That may lie
Only in both our hands
And yet
Is prey to the ravages of fate
We sit in the dark,
You and I
If we will laugh once more
That shared smile
Of understanding and togetherness
Of dreams, we spun
Out of the silver cobwebs of our minds
Of lives entwined
By a single purpose
One that seems to have been set adrift
In a sea
Of uncertainty
Discarded, abandoned, forsaken
Only momentarily? Or forever?
The day we can answer that,
Is the day black clouds will precipitate
To bring rain
Rain-that will wash away all the pain
And make us whole again.

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