Mending A Broken Heart, a poem by Aishwariya Laxmi at
Adam Flockemann

Mending A Broken Heart

Mending A Broken Heart

written by: Aishwariya Laxmi



Trust when it’s broken
Is the hardest to mend
The heart is hardened
And the mind, numbed
Dulled with pain
Days stretch on to infinity
And the nights, well, are the hardest
Your being is enveloped
In a murky web
Of lies
Tears don’t fall anymore
Your very heart is torn asunder
Little things that brought you joy
Offer no relief
You are one among the walking dead
Much to everyone’s disbelief
You learn the wrong lessons
That trusting is bad
When all it takes
Is someone to rekindle the spark
That once ignited your soul
And made it shine
And then you’re whole again
Not because you needed another to complete you
But you learned how to be complete
Within the boundaries
Of your body and soul

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