Aliens Over Watford, poetry by Nigel de Costa at
Gianluca Carenza

Aliens Over Watford

Aliens Over Watford

written by: Nigel de Costa


There were aliens over Watford last Sunday
Sara says she saw three UFOs
Wheeling low over the hospital’s antennae
Bathed in an eerie greenie-yellow glow

Walking her dogs down by the allotments
Jackie says she saw them too
Scooting across the Rookery Stand
Their lights a strangely subtle hue

You’d be forgiven thinking this idle chatter
Is just a bunch of drunken dog-walking fools
But I know they haven’t been drinking
And not all of us like to follow rules

I was abducted by aliens long, long ago
They loved me as if I was their own
My inter-planetary extraordinary adopters
Last week finally brought me home

Hovering over the Harlequin one evening
In a blaze of fairy lights and laser beams
Dropped into a crowd of happy shoppers
I still hear their frantic squeals and screams

There were aliens over Watford last Sunday
I believe Sara when she says she saw UFOs
Hovering low over the hospital’s antennae
My adopters came back to say hello

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