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Raging at Nature’s Fangs

Raging at Nature’s Fangs

written by: Jill Sharon Kimmelman


Precious pets wandering, hungry, thirsty, fearful
torrential waters and vicious winds have seized their families

Waiting for children to play catch and toss frisbees
moms and dads who brush and bathe them
the littlest child cuddling them in sleep
two tousled heads on a single pillow

Nature’s angry wrath brings calamity and destruction
yet summons the very best in each of us

Hope’s fire still burns in every soul

Witness comfort in the selfless salvation of
neighbors helping neighbors, restaurant kitchens open round the clock
houses of worship coming through as they always do

Buildings swallowed, precious photos lost, family heirlooms gone
impossible to replace

Cash cannot buy back a wedding band
worn by every bride for four generations,
an ancient treasure sewn into a dress hem
smuggled in from foreign shores

Death counts climb to double digits
we stay glued to devices, praying for strangers
as we would our loved ones

A young couple forced by threats of impending disaster
vacate their home, not once but twice
in as many days

Will she ever forget the agony of her father’s screams
his body collapsing onto cold hard tile,

Homes reduced to rubble and ash on sodden earth
scraps of scattered memories
crushed metal, bikes children will never again ride

We learn of a miracle
Amidst the destruction of their street
a lone house stands
tall and proud, untouched by nature’s wrath
as if they had been gone for an hour,
simply forgotten to lock their door

Their home, a haven would keep them secure
a sign of hope, promising future happiness

No storm nature may rain upon us will break our collective spirit

We discover a nugget of remaining fortitude
choose to be lifted up
filling ourselves with courage and strength

Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis, and a global pandemic
can never erase the prayers in our hearts

Mama, your children are safe
you have heard their staticky voices
coming from inside their cozy kitchen

Tonight you can close your eyes
tonight you can sleep.

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